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The Babysitter 2 is finally here and so is all the love drama! How did Samara Weaving move in with Keanu Reeves? Did Robbie Amell meet ‘the One’ on set? And which cast member is considering marrying two partners? Today The Catcher talks about The Babysitter cast love lives and who is officially off the market now!Prepare to hear some shocking details about Samara Weaving boyfriend and Bella Thorne managed to fetch millions of fans overnight! The Netflix movie gathered an incredible fans base but what you probably don’t know is for some on-set chemistry turned into marriage! Killer queen Samara Weaving met her now husband Jimmi Warden when filming The Babysitter 2017. And the two have been together ever since! Another actor who followed similar path is Robbie Amell. Keep watching to see all the details on how he celebrated his big day with a McDonalds order! Some big news was dropped recently: Bella Thorne boyfriend might have proposed! The actress is pretty open about having a boyfriend and a girlfriend at the same time and the idea of marriage crossed their minds! Don’t click out just yet to hear more about Bella Thorne only fans scandal as well! Judah Lewis, Andrew Bachelor (King Bach) and Emily Alyn Lind are the bachelors of the group spilling no details of their personal lives but keep dropping interesting photo shoots hinting there could be a significant other! The Babysitter Netflix star Emily Lind has recently posted a funny video from her childhood where the actress spills the truth about her love life. The Babysitter: Killer Queen actress Hana Mae Lee is keeping mystery around her persona just like her character! Do you want to hear more updates about MCG Babysitter, cast secrets and Jenna Ortega? Subscribe and leave a comment below who do you want us to talk about in the next video! Thanks for watching!
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