Behind the scenes Steadicam shot breakdown 24 – Halloween comedy Short Film

#steadicam #behindthescenes #tutorial

This Steadicam shot was a lot of fun to do and I learned a lot from doing it. i was going for something a bit more Halloween inspired and a comedy at the same time.

Charlotte Goodenough
Brian Nathan
Alex King
Noah Michal
Sean Williams

Uri Ruffin

This is a steadicam shot I did and had some behind the scenes footage of it so I thought I would do a voice over describing some of my thoughts and actions. this was for a for practice. Hopefully useful for other steadicam operators, directors of photography, and camera operators as well as anyone into movie making, filmmaking, cinematography, gimbals and camera stabilizers. Shot with a insta360 one x, a (black magic pocket cinema camera 4k) BMPCC4k and M-1 volt steadicam with a g70-x arm.


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