25 Behind The Scenes Horror Movie Moments That Ruin Everything

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We love horror movies, and all of the the frights that their terrifying villains and creepy atmospheres give us. While these movies do require us to suspend our disbelief and let ourselves be drawn into their fantastical worlds, it’s easy to forget that there are actually hundreds of people that go into the making of them. Sometimes learning about the behind the scenes details makes the viewing more enjoyable, and sometimes it kind of spoils the fun. From the director hanging out in the shark’s mouth in Jaws, to Hannibal Lecter munching on french fries, and Linda Blair smiling next to a model of herself. There are all the fake birds from The Birds, a creepy 3:15 wake up for the cast of Amityville Horror, Pennywise getting a retouch before a take, Stephen King hanging out with a skeleton in Creepshow, Carrie smiling through her fake blood, the cast of Game Of Death enjoying their blood soaked afternoon, what goes into a zombie’s wounds, and some amazing special effects from the Spanish film REC. We see Freddy listening to his walkman and the real inspiration behind Nightmare on Elm Street, the terrifying reality of the Yankee Peddler Inn, Elijah Wood out of character on Maniac, the mechanics hidden underneath the famous Chucky Doll, and what is really inside the famous Godzilla. Pinhead hangs out with a not-so-happy baby, some apes relax in the sun, Frankenstein’s monster has tea time, Drew’s death in Scream, the famously sad Alien, Michael Myers drinking Dr Pepper, some not so creepy Nurses, and Freddy and Jason hanging out like pals.


Fries over Flesh
Linda Blair
Fake Birds
3:15 AM
It’s Makeup
Game of Death
Special Effects
Creepy Creatures
Freddy Say Relax
Nightmare Deaths
Yankee Peddler Inn
Killer Legs
Damn Sunbathing Apes
Tea Time
Sad Alien
Silent Hill
Freddy Loves Jason

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