What Marvel Movies Really Look Like Without Special Effects

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Part of the reason Marvel movies work so well is that their visual effects are so seamless that we can rarely tell the difference between the parts of a scene that are real, and those that have been digitally enhanced. But looking at the behind-the-scenes action for each movie, it becomes clear just how differently the MCU might look if not for the talented artists who turn each shot into stunning and impossible action fare. Here’s a look at how some of your favorite Marvel movies would have looked without the magic of special effects…

Iron Man | 0:27
Captain America: The First Avenger | 1:17
Captain America: The Winter Soldier | 2:16
Guardians of the Galaxy | 2:46
Avengers: Age of Ultron | 3:25
Ant-Man | 4:05
Doctor Strange | 4:40
Thor: Ragnarok | 5:20

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