Wes Anderson Trademarks | IMDb ORIGINAL

IMDb takes a closer look at the trademarks of Wes Anderson’s directorial style, including tracking shots, hand-placed objects, distinct color palettes, and more.

2018 Isle of Dogs
2016 Come Together: A Fashion Picture in Motion (Short)
2014 The Grand Budapest Hotel
2013 Castello Cavalcanti (Short)
2013 Prada: Candy (Short)
2012 Cousin Ben Troop Screening with Jason Schwartzman (Short)
2012 Moonrise Kingdom: Animated Book Short (Short) (uncredited)
2012 Moonrise Kingdom
2009 Fantastic Mr. Fox
2007 Hotel Chevalier (Short)
2007 The Darjeeling Limited
2006 American Express: My Life. My Card. (Video short)
2004 The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
2001 The Royal Tenenbaums
1998 Rushmore
1996 Bottle Rocket
1994 Bottle Rocket (Short)

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