Roadmap Behind The Scenes || *AWARD WINNING SHORT FILM* || 2017 Detroit 48 Hour Film Project

WSF Productions would like to present to you the behind the scenes of our award winning 2017 Detroit 48 Hour Film Project short film “Roadmap”. The team and film brought home 5 awards for their work on the film. These awards include; Screening Group B Audience Award, Best Action/Adventure, Best Cinematography, Best Music, and Best Special Effects! We really hope you enjoy the film!

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To see the film go here:

|| Cast and Crew

Heather – Co-Director, Writer, Stuntwoman, Location Scout

Allie – Co-Director, Producer, Location Scout

Nicole – Producer, Assistant Director, Voice Over Engineer, Production Paperwork Handler

Sarah – “Jalyenne Draybeck”, Special Effects

Alejandro – Voice of Dad, Production Assistant

Jake – Director of Photography, Editor, Colorist, Post-Sound, Gaffer

Anne – Script Supervisor

Heather II – 2nd Assistant Camera, Assistant Editor

Ben – 1st Assistant Camera, Set Photographer

Daniel – Location Sound

Nick – BTS Camera, Production Assistant, Drone Operator

Steve – Jalyenne’s Dad

Props – Allie, Heather I, Nicole, Alejandro, Heather II

Foley Artists – Heather I, Nicole, Allie

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound

Special Thanks to Big Boy on Washtenaw, Steve and Elysia Chapman, Tom and Terri Chapman, Andrew and Heather Irvine

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