Lucy Hale + Bruce Campbell + the Scariest Movie Moments | EP. 122 The IMDb Show

Lucy Hale embraces her inner scream queen in her new horror film ‘Truth or Dare,’ Bruce Campbell teaches us how to be a B-movie legend, and you share your favorite scary movie moments.

1:06: Iconic actor and “Ash vs. Evil Dead” star Bruce Campbell breaks down what it takes to become a B-movie legend, letter by letter.

2:31: Lucy Hale reveals the secret behind her sinister smile in the new movie ‘Truth or Dare’ and what it’s like working with legendary horror producer Jason Blum.

5:55: “The IMDb Show” hits the streets to find out the scary movie moments that still haunt you.

7:20: Lucy Hale embraces the title of her new movie and plays Truth or Dare.

8:48: Lucy Hale shares what she’s watching, including “Fleabag,” “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” ‘Overboard,’ and ‘Wildling.’

10:38: Check out highlights from some of the best recent trailers. This week’s Trailer Trailer includes “Fahrenheit 451,” ‘ Avengers: Infinity War,’ ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story,’ ‘Johnny English Strikes Again,’ and ‘Adventures in Public School.’

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