Jun Ji-Hyun -Speaking English & Stunning Action in Hollywood Movie Blood:The Last Vampire (2009)-BTS

Korean top actress Jun Ji-Hyun (전지현-জুন জি হিয়ন) in the set of Hollywood action movie – Blood:The Last Vampire (2009) where she showed her extra-ordinary talent and enormous effort in performing stunning action scenes just by herself and also spoke in English that she learnt for years mainly for her Hollywood debut. This” Behind the Scene ” also showcases interviews of other actors,directors and crew of that movie- everyone highly praised Jun Ji-Hyun for her exceptional concentration and dedication in acting and performing tremendous action scenes with great difficulties.
Facebook Page- – Sassy Girl Jun Ji-Hyun -전지현 Bangladeshi Fan-
So… Jun Ji-Hyun proved herself not only as a goddess of ageless beauty,acting, modelling or comedy, she’s an unbeatable goddess of action too!

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