Halloween Horror Nights – Behind The Scenes [Ep. 4 – ‘The Scare-Actors’] (2017)

In Episode 4 of our exclusive new behind-the-scenes look at Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights, get to know “The Scare-Actors”.

The lifeblood of the event, learn more about the costumes, the masks, the make-up and the all-important casting that makes a good “Scare-Actor” and leads to ultimately terrifying you.

Seen in the video:
Charles Gray – Creative Show Director, Universal Orlando Resort Entertainment
Dione Lebhar – Manager Costume Production – Universal Studios Hollywood
David Nadolski – Senior Costume Designer – Universal Orlando Resort Entertainment
Skeet Karsgaard – Assistant Manger Makeup & Prosthetics, Universal Orlando Resort Entertainment

About Halloween Horror Nights: Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights is the ultimate Halloween entertainment event. Guests at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood are immersed in highly themed events inspired by blockbuster horror films and television shows as well as original content. The events feature film-set-quality haunted mazes, horrifying outdoor scare zones – and hundreds of specially trained, “scare-actors,” who help bring the event to life. Halloween Horror Nights is a separately ticketed nighttime event and begins September 15, through November 4, 2017, on both coasts.

For more information and to purchase tickets visit: http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com/

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SGM Q7 – SGM Light A/S
NITRO 510C – Philips Lighting
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3D Rendering


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