God Of War 6 Movie Trailer | New Hollywood Movie 2018

God Of War 6 Movie Trailer | New Hollywood Movie 2018
Here’s the God of War gameplay trailer, which premiered at E3 2016. fly on

May contain content inappropriate for children.
God of War – Kratos was the son of Zeus and a mortal named Callisto. Kratos was a Spartan kid who helped train his brother, Deimos and Deimos was taken by Ares and Athena. Kratos was once a general in the Spartan armies, and he was well known for his ruthlessness. His army had been undefeated until they stood against the mighty Barbarians. After a long and bloody battle Kratos lay before the Barbarian King utterly defeated, his soldiers’ blood flowing around his prone body. As the Barbarian swung his hammer, Kratos shouted to the heavens, pledging his life to Ares in return for the power to defeat his enemies. In that moment Kratos became Ares’ servant, endowed with the power of the Blades of Chaos. Using these new weapons, he easily cut down the Barbarian King and stood victorious. But this power came at a price.

As Ares’ servant Kratos led his army to many victories, blindly following the God of War’s orders he burned and pillaged a village, personally murdering everyone within the local temple of Athena. When his bloodlust had finally passed, he looked down to see the bodies of his wife (Lysandra) and daughter (Calliope), their blood on his hands. Horrified, Kratos vowed revenge on Ares, who calmly explained that he had arranged for this to happen so that Kratos would have no other motivation than to serve him. As the bodies of his loved ones burned, Kratos was cursed by the village’s Oracle to forever carry the evidence of what he had done with him; as she spoke the ashes of Kratos’ family carried by the wind magically attached themselves to Kratos’ skin, making him unnaturally pale and giving him the title “Ghost of Sparta”.
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