Disney World Summer Vacation VLOG #3: Epcot and Hollywood Studios Star Ears & Toy Story Sneak Peek

INSIDE THE MAGIC with Skyler Tube HD ‘s ATTRACTIONS and GAMING MAGAZINE & Front Row Entertainment Presents: MY 2017 WALT DISNEY WORLD SUMMER VACATION VLOG AT DISNEY’S COPPER CREEK VILLAS & CABINS at WILDERNESS LODGE – PART 3: WALT DISNEY WORLD’S HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS with a look at upcoming Star Was and Toy Story Construction Locations; A Galactic Spectacular Fireworks; Twilight Zone; Tower of Terror; Rockin’ Roller Coaster with Aerosmith; and EPCOT with Full Ride POV of SOARIN’ Around the World; Frozen Ever After POV; Journey into Imagination with FIGMENT POV; and Nemo and Friends POV.

Bonus: Lunch at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club’s Beaches and Cream; and Disney’s Transportation.

I do NOT own any possible copyright material used in this video; this video is for education and entertainment purposes only and is presented to demonstrate my love for all things Disney and Star Wars related! I hope you make it to WDW to enjoy this adventure yourself.

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