Designing the Demogorgon: VFX and 3D Printing Behind the Scenes

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Today, physical maquettes and practical effects have largely fallen out of vogue in Hollywood, but not for lack of interest. Tight deadlines, tighter budgets, and increasing demands have mostly rendered these techniques infeasible.

When the Duffer Brothers began production of “Stranger Things” for Netflix, they came to up-and-coming studio Aaron Sims Creative for the creature designs for the Demogorgon. And striving for authentic ‘80s sci-fi nostalgia, they did something that’s increasingly rare in 2017’s Hollywood: they asked for a practical effect.

In celebration of the release of “Stranger Things” season 2, Formlabs take a behind-the-scenes look at the design of season 1’s Demogorgon and how the up-and-coming visual effects company behind the monster, Aaron Sims Creative, structures their sketch-to-screen process, goes beyond manufacturing creatures and helps influence the entire creative process, and uses digital technology like 3D printing to keep traditional Hollywood techniques alive.

All footage used with the permission of Aaron Sims Creative.

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