Blue Hollywood – Official Trailer [HD]

Sharing the same dream two young actors embark on a journey filled with desire, determination and disappointment.
When reckless Italian Alessandro meets cautious English woman Celeste at a London acting school, they decide to move together to LA in the hope of striking gold in the Hollywood film industry.
It tells the story of how dreams crash when faced with ugly reality, and how souls can be consumed by ambition.

Francesco Gabriele
Helen Watkinson
Hollis Doherty
Chip Carey
Michael Beardsley
Tiana Tuttle
Marco Virgilio
Nili Rain

Writer/Director – Francesco Gabriele
Producer – Devorah Corona Mendez
Cinematographer – Giacomo La Monaca
Key Art Director – Jillian Alexander
Key Make Up Artist – Sioux Sinclair
Editor – Marios Kleftakis
Sound Designer – Jan Meinema
Composer – Shane Rutherfoord-Jones

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